Waikiki Golf Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Waikiki golf vacations are some of the most serene, relaxing and frustrating golf vacations you will ever take. It depends upon how seriously you take the game. If you are used to playing on local golf courses and you live in Average Town, America, you will stumble upon some of the most breathtaking courses you have ever seen. Some holes have you hitting over inlets of the Pacific Ocean.

Some traps are made from ancient lava deposits. In one course, you could be playing alongside the sea, up a mountain and into a rainforest. There are two main things with Waikiki golf vacations that can trip people up. One is that they aren't used to this kind of terrain. It's a new feel underfoot, under club and under ball. It can take a few holes to get used to.

Another thing is the beauty. Most people have never played on courses this gorgeous. You can get caught looking at the scenery, smelling tropical flowers or watching tropical birds instead of paying attention to your game. Whole groups of people have been known to stop their game and search out sounds of birds and animals they have never heard before.

Resort Waikiki Golf Vacations

If you are an avid golfer, you might want to consider resort Waikiki golf vacations. This is where you stay in a hotel or resort that also gives you special discounts on golf. You may get a select list of courses that you can play anytime for a flat fee. Alternatively, you may get a discount card for most of the courses on the island. You will definitely want to plan ahead and think of how much golf you want to play in order to pick the best option.

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