Waikiki Honeymoons

Written by Liza Hartung
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Waikiki honeymoons are possibly the most romantic things any newlywed couple can partake in. Now, if you value your privacy during your honeymoon, you should try to go when it isn't summer. As Waikiki is the biggest tourist spot of all the Hawaiian Islands, it can become beach-to-beach bodies during the summer months. Obviously, when you go will depend on when you get married.

If you are getting married smack in the middle of summer and you want to make sure you have some definite down time with your new partner in life, request the honeymoon suite wherever you are staying. (You would probably do this anyway.) The honeymoon suite in any hotel or resort is what puts the icing on the top of Waikiki honeymoons.

The suite should afford you ample room to feel like you have your own space. It should also provide one of the most spectacular views offered by that hotel. If you choose to just stay in for an entire day, you won't feel like you are missing a bit of the island experience. The roar of the ocean will reach you in your room and the sea breeze will gently blow through, causing your curtains to undulate in a kind of Hawaiian dance.

Romantic Waikiki Honeymoons

In order to make the most of Waikiki honeymoons, rent a car. This will allow you explore the island of Oahu at your will. You can also take nightly drives into Honolulu and find some romantic, upscale restaurants that sit right on the ocean. Try Chef Mavro restaurant. They are known for their wine and food pairings with a mix of French and Hawaiian dishes.

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