Waikiki Vacation Deals

Written by Liza Hartung
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Waikiki vacation deals are the way to go when you want to get to Hawaii, but you are working on a budget. You can get great deals in several different ways. First, look at rates during non-peak tourist times. These are generally during the winter, late fall and early spring. In addition, if you travel on weekdays instead of weekends you are likely to save money. You can stay over a weekend, but make sure your fly dates are between Monday and Thursday.

Perhaps the best way to get great Waikiki vacation deals is to book a package or an all-inclusive. You will be shocked at some of the prices you find. For the months of October, November and December you can find $599 per person for air, lodging and car rental for seven nights. The great thing is that these deals are totally legitimate.

Airlines and hotels realize that this is a slow time for tourism. They want don't want to lose money so they offer these amazing deals. Unfortunately, you can't expect to find anything this good during the summer months. However, if you book an all-inclusive during summer, you will get a much better rate than if you booked everything separately. As long as you look around and find out what your options are, you are sure to find some unbelievable Waikiki vacation deals.

Why Waikiki Vacation Deals?

If you are a fan of the beach, tropics, golfing, hiking, biking and beautiful sunsets, Waikiki is the place for you. With its strip of fabulous hotels, shops and eateries, Waikiki has something for everyone. Oh, and don't forget to take a photo of Diamond Head. It's a crater that juts out of Waikiki. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in the whole world.

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