Waikiki Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Who isn't interested in Waikiki vacations? Not many people, according to travel statistics which note Waikiki as one of the most traveled to beaches in the world. This locale is popular not just for the surfing, the waves, the beauty, the sunsets or the relaxation, but for the surrounding area. You have downtown Honolulu not far away. You can take a tour to Pearl Harbor or the Polynesian Cultural Center in the same jaunt.

While a number of tourists have never heard of the Polynesian Cultural Center, you could spend all day there. It has seven Pacific Island villages on 42 acres. It boasts the most authentic luau on all of Oahu. It is also home to the biggest nighttime show, Horizons. Oh, and don't forget the canoe pageants or the two stunning IMAX films. This is a great stop on Waikiki vacations.

Waikiki is located on the southern tip of the island of Oahu. Oahu, although claiming the most residents and the biggest cultural, tourist and political centers, is not the Big Island. Oahu is the third largest. One of the most popular pulls to this island is Waikiki. If you like aquariums, you will love the Waikiki Aquarium. It's the third oldest in the United States and sits right next to a living reef.

Taking Waikiki Vacations

When you are taking Waikiki vacations, it is very important that you actually take the vacation. By this I mean, relax. Don't go and then stress about work, money and kids the entire time. You paid money for this. Make it worth your while. Doing a relaxing activity on the first day can be good way to set the mood. You may want to simply lounge at a beach, or, if staying at a resort, go for a massage treatment.

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