Wailea Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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There are actually three courses that comprise the whole of the Wailea golf course. These are the Gold Course, the Emerald Course, and the Blue Course. All three of them are obviously naturally awe-inspiring--it would be difficult for any course located in Hawaii not to be. Although they are all beautiful, they are not all for beginners. Take a moment to research the yardage on the holes and make your course selection wisely.

Which Wailea Golf Course to Play?

Wailea's Gold Course is the most challenging of the three. It's a championship course with two full-service pro shops and what is perhaps the finest outdoor training facility in all the Pacific. According to Conde Nast Traveler, it's one of the world's best designed courses. If it sounds appealing, just make sure you've got good strategy and club selection. You wouldn't want to come all this way, play on a championship course, and lose your focus at the crucial moment. Many players have trouble concentrating because of the gorgeous scenery--try not to be one of them.

The Emerald Course of Wailea is an absolute tropical paradise. Golf for Women named it North America's Most Women-Friendly golfing venue. To add to the accolades, it was voted one of the Best New Courses by Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. If those aren't reasons to go play on the Wailea Golf Course, I don't know what is.

The third course is the Blue Course and was the first Wailea golf course built. It's been host to two LPGA Women's Kemper Opens. This course makes itself available to a wide range of players and its beauty shouts to you from the fountains, lakes, hibiscus plants, and wiliwili trees.

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