Wedding Ideas

Written by Joy MacKay
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When choosing Hawaii weddings, you can create a paradise ceremony all your own. Don't be afraid to let your personality show through in all aspects of the ceremony and reception. Here are a few wedding ideas to help spark your creativity as you begin making wedding plans.

Consider indigenous flower bouquets or leis in lieu of traditional and expensive floral arrangements. Many Hawaii wedding packages will even include these in their package price. You might also consider alternatives to rice-throwing, such as tossing birdseed, blowing bubbles, ringing bells, or throwing flower seeds or petals. Consult with your wedding coordinator to find out which is most appropriate for your ceremony and locale.

During the unavoidable wait while wedding pictures are taken, a montage or prepared video can be played for guests, or baby pictures with captions can adorn the reception hall for browsing. If you plan on an outdoor reception, perhaps consider a game that guests can play while they wait, or have appetizers available for them so they can mingle while they await your arrival. Think of alternative wedding favors which reflect you and your spouse's hobbies. Good alternatives are gardening kits, journals, craft kits, or poetry booklets. And who says you have to have the traditional white wedding cake? Other types of desserts and cakes are becoming popular wedding alternatives, such as cheesecakes and ice cream cakes.

Wedding Ideas for the Ceremony
More brides going barefoot down the aisle, which is especially appropriate for beach weddings. A nice pedicure or ankle or toe jewelry can help dress up the barefoot look. It's becoming more trendy to "dress" your guests by requesting they all wear certain coordinating fabrics or colors or styles. You can create your own '40s wedding, an island or color theme, or simply request guests wear something sparkly to catch the sunset.

Consider incorporating heritage symbols into your wedding to display your family roots. Things like bagpipes played at Scottish wedding, or Filipino prayers, for instance, are becoming popular additions to ceremonies. You also might consider incorporating traditional island ceremonies into your wedding program. Alternatives to wedding marches, such as the bride and groom's favorite song, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, classical pieces, retro pieces of music, or island music can also make your ceremony more personal. You might think about alternatives to the traditional expensive wedding dress. Many brides are buying vintage dresses, lace dresses, or "era"-themed bridal party wear. You might even decide to go casual, create an all-white wedding, or wear traditional island wear.

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