Wedding Locations On Maui

Written by Donald Sparacin
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There are so many wedding locations on Maui that they can't possibly fit on one page. You can tie the proverbial knot in front of a waterfall, on the beach, atop a mountain, in a lavishly decorated hotel banquet room, or on a lanai overlooking a sunset that could make the toughest among us weep. You are limited only by your imagination and budget.

Which One of Those Wedding Locations on Maui Is Right for Our Special Day?

There are weddings on the black sand beach at sunset. There are weddings beside the crater atop Mt. Haleakala. There are weddings at the base of the several waterfalls. There are even nudist weddings! The best question to ask yourselves is, how do we really want to remember this day. Then, there will be an answer in Maui.

Wedding locations on Maui come in all locations and budgets. Whether it's the standard church and hotel banquet hall, the Justice of the Peace and a back yard luau, or the outrageously extravagant, Maui has a place for your special day. Use your imagination; let it go completely wild, then check your wallet. Maui will fit the bill.

Unlike home, where all of your friends took their vows in the same motel and divorced a year or two later, wedding locations on Maui have a tradition of helping to keep marriages strong and long lasting. We can't attribute it all to the wedding locations on Maui though. It just seems to work that people that choose Maui for the extra special day, stay together longer. We wish you the very best of luck on your own life together, wherever you say those vows.

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