Wedding Party Location

Written by Donald Sparacin
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OK, you've chosen Maui to take your vows of a new life together. Now your options of a wedding party location begin to boggle your minds. Should we marry on the beach then have the party in a hotel? Perhaps our own privately catered affair at a rented cottage might be better. Then again there's, oh, my, there are just too many choices!

Finding a Great Wedding Party Location

The first question that needs answering is how many people are you expecting for your wedding party location? If the number is small then your choices are many. Maui cottages bed and breakfasts have facilities for a small number of guests. Then again, so do the many hotels, private rentals, and tropical retreat centers. If the number is large your choices get less, but your budget needs to expand, somewhat. An affordable wedding location on Maui can be virtually anywhere that pleases you sense of spirit and love.

Some couples choose to take their vows with a handful of only their closest friends and relatives at one location, and then have their wedding party location somewhere else. This works only if the uninvited don't have a problem that they're not seeing the actual event itself. Still others want everyone that took the trip to Maui to see everything but the honeymoon.

For those that want their invited guests to see the vows and attend the wedding party location the choices don't get much smaller. Many couples will rent a large house, have Maui catering specialists see to the food, have the party there, then bid adieu to their guests and begin to experience their Maui honeymoon retreat alone.

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