Wedding Planning Tips

Written by Joy MacKay
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As you surely know by now, the process of making wedding plans begins long before the ceremony itself. To be sure, you have already absorbed information from bridal magazines and well-meaning friends and relatives, full of wedding planning tips, and ready to share. To help spark creativity and help you create the most memorable wedding you can, here are some more tips to add to the pile.

Wedding Planning Tips for Before the Ceremony

Why not grow roses and flowers upon engagement, which you can later use in the wedding? Gather dried petals from your dating bouquets as sachets or potpourri for wedding favors. Haven't found rings or bands that suit you? Many online sites allow you to design your own wedding rings. And who says diamonds can't have a little flair? Colored diamonds are becoming fairly trendy right now.

You may want to consider alternatives to bachelor and bachelorette parties. High-spirited "roasts" where the bride and groom are good-naturedly teased and honored are becoming popular again. Spa days or picnics and barbeques have likewise become popular alternatives to the traditional bachelor party. For the big day, renting a luxury car (many wedding packages will provide one) is often a good idea. For the romantic at heart, a luxury horse and carriage may be more appropriate.

In terms of the registry, if you have everything you need, you can ask for donations to charity in lieu of gifts. Online registries now allow also guests to "buy" a part of your honeymoon, such as the limo ride or a romantic dinner for two. You can specify the portions of your honeymoon on a wish list. You might think about encouraging homemade gifts that reflect the bride and groom, or encourage guests to bring something that can become an "heirloom" for their new family.

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