Wedding Receptions Maui

Written by Donald Sparacin
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You're the last of your circle of friends to marry. He's been an usher at three of the weddings and a best man at one. You have been a bridesmaid at all of them, and you begin to realize that all of the weddings seemed so similar. You want your wedding to be different, memorable, and exotic. Wedding receptions Maui style just might be what you're looking for.

How Different Can Wedding Receptions Maui Style Be?

Many mainland wedding bands play Hawaiian love songs because they are so beautiful and conjure up a feeling that the latest pop music just doesn't convey. Wedding receptions Maui style feature all of those great Hawaiian love songs, as well as the standard wedding fare and latest pop selections, but the difference is that you and your guests are listening to, and dancing to, and kissing to them in Maui. Think about how much more memorable your wedding could be if you were dancing to a Hawaiian love song on a torch-lit lanai overlooking the shoreline at sunset.

Wedding receptions Maui style aren't typically like the huge catered affairs on the mainland, but they can be just as extravagant. Maui has all of the sophistication that largest cities in the world boast, but it also has a tropical charm that none can match. Remember, Maui plays host to world's richest and most demanding visitors, so Hawaiians know how to provide the exceptional service and superior quality pampering that you want for your special day. Everything from fine linens on your tables, menus that will amaze even the most demanding conscious gourmet at your party, and local orchestras or bands are here to accommodate your needs.

On the other end of the extravagance scale, wedding receptions Maui style can be as simple as a barefoot ceremony on the beach in aloha shirts and leis followed by a luau. Many couples decide to forego the elaborate and instead prefer to have their party be a more casual event. While simple, these can be even more memorable and far more intimate. Of course, wedding receptions Maui style can be anything and everything in-between the extravagant and the sublime.

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