Weddings In Hawaii

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Thousands of weddings in Hawaii are performed each year. Why? Because Hawaii is one of the world's most romantic spots, a place of lush natural beauty and a warm, tropical ambience that is simply made for lovers. The allure of the Hawaiian Islands draws couples from around the world to celebrate the beginning of their lives together, and over the years the demand for these tropical weddings in paradise has given rise to a virtual wedding industry on the Islands.

Weddings in Hawaii Are Unique

A Hawaiian wedding is unique to the Islands, in the sense that wedding planners will always include some aspect of Hawaiian culture in the ceremony and reception. Often, the couple will receive leis made of native flowers, and the ceremony can even be done Hawaiian-style with native dancers and authentic chants of blessing. Most planners will offer a Christian, non-denominational or Hawaiian wedding to suit the couple's preferences.

The charm of a beach wedding may appeal to you, but while this setting is the one most people think of when they picture weddings in Hawaii, it isn't the only option. Hawaii offers traditional church weddings, too. It is not unusual for couples to invite the entire family to join them and for these situations, a reception is offered as part of many wedding packages. An authentic Hawaiian luau puts the finishing touch on the special day.

Many extra touches are available, such as the release of doves or butterflies at the ceremony and the presentation of personalized keepsakes. Professional local performers can sing, dance and chant traditional Hawaiian wedding favorites. Let the planners of weddings in Hawaii take care of these details to make the day less stressful. There are many wedding packages from which to choose.

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