Your Wedding Guide

Written by Joy MacKay
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There are so many things to remember as you are making wedding plans. You might fear that something will get overlooked as you anticipate your ceremony. Even beautiful beach weddings need a bit of preparation, so the following wedding guide can serve as a checklist for things to do before the big day.

Before you leave, you will want to schedule a newspaper announcement, proclaiming your engagement, so that those who cannot make it to the wedding will still be notified. Make plans to sign the marriage license, with the appropriate witnesses and officials present. Make honeymoon arrangements well ahead of time. Don't assume you will get the honeymoon suite simply because you have just been married! Call and reserve ahead of time.

You will need to set up arrangements for your wedding to be photographed and/or videotaped as a keepsake. Retain a caterer for the wedding well in advance, and go over the menu with them in detail. You also need to register for gifts beforehand and let your guests know where you are registered. A card included with the invitation is the standard way to do this.

A Week Before the Wedding

A week ahead, make sure you have laid out your gown, veil, and all accessories you will need. Arrange the wedding party's apparel, paying special attention to young ones who might lose a dress ribbon or hair accessory. Have printed napkins or name placecards on the tables and ready for the reception and double-check arrangements for the cake and flowers. Don't forget to purchase gifts for the wedding party members from the bride and groom and gather wedding favors for guests, ready to hand out. Finally, and most importantly, relax!

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