American Cowgirl Vacations

Written by Dallas Smith
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For the perfect American cowgirl vacations, it is essential for a few important elements to come together. Miles and miles of open western vistas, authentic western-style horseback riding, expert guides who know the cowgirl lifestyle inside and out--these are just a few of those elements that go into the perfect cowgirl vacation. Bringing all of these elements together is a guarantee of an exceptional vacation experience that you'll remember for many years to come.

On the Lookout for Great American Cowgirl Vacations

In order to find the best American cowgirl vacations, it helps to take a closer look at the features mentioned above. With regards to the setting for your cowgirl adventure, the American West is the obvious choice, synonymous as it is with the cowgirl experience. Out of that landscape arose the unique western style of natural horsemanship, which differs significantly from the traditional English riding style, but that is custom-suited to longer western trail rides.

With expert guidance you will have an more enjoyable time mastering this riding style, with the opportunity to put your trip in the context of the larger historical and cultural elements of your surroundings. Most importantly, all of this interaction will be taking place in the company of like-minded riders who will be able to share in the experience, all far from the cares of the daily routine. You'll have the makings of an all-around outstanding adventure capturing the true spirit of the American cowgirl.

If you love horseback riding, simply have an adventurous spirit, or possess a combination of both, a cowgirl vacation is the perfect activity. The unique experience of the landscape from horseback, the company of friends, and the knowledge of your guides will ensure an experience like none you have had before. Best of all, you'll be taking part in the living legacy of the American cowgirl that continues to this day.

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