Authentic Cattle Drive

Written by Dallas Smith
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For the experience of an authentic cattle drive, there can only be one option--head to the West! The history of the West is so closely tied with the story of the cattle drive that to experience a cattle drive is to experience a living history of the evolution of the West. Fortunately, the cattle drive is still alive and well throughout many of the western states, so you still have plenty of opportunities to experience a real life cattle drive yourself.

Taking Part in an Authentic Cattle Drive

Because the only way to fully experience an authentic cattle drive is to actually participate in one, there are many providers throughout the the region who can offer this unique activity. As any top rancher will tell you, participation in a cattle drive doesn't mean just watching one--it means actually helping out and providing the assistance necessary to make it happen! In that regard, expect to get your hands dirty if you want to get the most out of your experience.

The rewards of doing so, of course, are immeasurable, as you'll have the opportunity to contribute to this living profession that so perfectly symbolizes the story of the West. In the old days, the cattle drives were essential components of the western economy, and were a major reason for the success of America's western expansion. To take part in a modern drive is to get an education in that story that you certainly won't get merely from reading a book or watching from afar.

If you're not right in the midst of a cattle drive, you're experience just can't be said to be authentic. If authentic is what you're looking for, then you'll find providers ready and willing to offer it. Best of all, you'll find the training and expert guidance to make your experience safe, satisfying, and the ride of a lifetime.

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