Cattle Drives

Written by Dallas Smith
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Few experiences can match cattle drives for capturing the spirit of the American West. In fact, few trades were as essential to the expansion of the western economy as was the business of moving cattle from western grazing lands to markets throughout the country. Essentially, the expansion of the American frontier would certainly not have been as successful without the existence of the livestock trade.

Today, hard-working cowboys and cowgirls still carry on the proud tradition of the cattle drive. Though the drives of today might not be as large as the storied drives of the past, they still represent an essential part of the western experience. Best of all, taking part in that experience is easier than you may think.

Experiencing the Cattle Drives of Today for Yourself

Throughout the West, you can find an opportunity to take part in any number of modern cattle drives. With the best of these opportunities, you'll be more than just a mere observer--you'll be working side by side with cowboys and cowgirls to make the drive a success. In other words, if you're looking for a chance to really get your hands dirty, you'll find it in today's Old West cattle drive adventures.

There are many such adventures available, so find the providers who can offer you the most authentic experience of this quintessential western activity. Also, look for the experiences that go along with any cattle drive--long rides through majestic rangeland, camping out under the stars, and authentic cowboy cuisine. When combined, these features will add up to an unmatched western cowboy adventure that you'll remember for years to come.

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