Cattle Roundup

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you thought a cattle roundup was a thing of the past, think again--this symbol of the Old West is still alive and well, and has been for decades! Today, throughout the West, this time-honored profession still thrives, and though the scale of roundups has perhaps diminished somewhat, the pride of the rugged individuals who carry it out is as strong as ever. Taking part in one of these roundups is still one of the most authentic experiences of the West that you can find anywhere.

Participating in a Cattle Roundup

Believe it or not, but there are more opportunities for the average adventure seeker to participate in a cattle roundup than you might think. Many ranches in the West offer real-life cattle drive adventures that have you right in the midst of the action for up to an entire week. More importantly, with the best of these opportunities, you're not just an observer, riding along--you're actually making a contribution to the effort to get the cattle where they need to go.

In that regard, any truly authentic cattle drive adventure will require that you get your hands dirty, and that you work hard to make the drive a success, but the hard work and experience alone is its own reward! Not many people these days can say that they've taken part in a an actual cattle drive, making it a unique activity that is sure to be one of the more memorable experiences you'll have. For those who call this activity their profession, your participation is an opportunity to further the legacy of this uniquely western occupation.

You can find a number of resources online that can point you to a ranch that offers an authentic cattle drive experience. Keep in mind that a truly authentic experience means business, in that you'll have the opportunity to really go to work to earn the respect of the cowboys you ride with. Anything less, and you're probably not working with the real deal!

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