Cowboy Vacation

Written by Dallas Smith
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For the ultimate experience in a cowboy vacation, you would probably expect a few crucial ingredients. The open range, camping out under the stars, and long rides with a few close friends would be essential, along with the opportunity to refine your horsemanship skills to create a new level of trust between you and your horse. Add all of these elements together, and you would have the makings of an outstanding vacation that would provide treasured memories for years to come.

Making Your Ideal Cowboy Vacation a Reality

If you include the characteristics mentioned above in your description of the ideal cowboy vacation, then you're in luck. These types of vacations are readily available and are easy to find with a little research. Throughout many of the western states you can find any number of providers offering a genuine cowboy experience, with opportunities for extensive rides, training, and even cattle drives.

Identifying top providers is as simple as determining how authentic you want your experience to be, so the more challenging the vacation, the better. Specifically, the most enriching experiences involve the ability to interact with working cowboys, riding with them and assisting them with their duties, with the western landscape as your backdrop. In other words, expect to immerse yourself for a few days in the active lifestyle of a working cowboy.

The rewards you will receive from your experience--respect for hard work, the joys of the simple, uncluttered lifestyle, and a newfound appreciation for the capabilities of your horse, will last you for a lifetime. The cowboy experience is like no other, but the values you learn can be applied in every area of your life. Sign on for a cowboy adventure, and experience the simplicity, freedom, and integrity of the cowboy way firsthand.

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