Cowboy Way

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you want to experience the cowboy way of life in a truly authentic setting, there's only one option--head for the West! The story of the cowboy and the American West are so closely linked as to be synonymous with each other--in effect, you can't have the one without the other! Even today, cowboys remain potent symbols of the American spirit, representing freedom, perseverance, and a dedication to getting the job done, no matter what it takes.

The Cowboy Way--Sharing the Legacy

The cowboy way continues to survive today in part because it has been passed down through generations since the days of the Old West. Today, you can take part in that legacy through the opportunity to participate in an authentic cowboy vacation, where you can experience the rugged cowboy lifestyle for yourself. These vacation opportunities are widely available throughout the West, and can give you a chance to learn the cowboy values of determination and hard work in a real-life setting.

Some of these vacations even allow you to participate in an actual cattle drive, and no single event embodies the cowboy experience like this part of living western history. If you are an adventure-seeker looking for an authentic western experience, and love horseback riding, a cattle drive is a must. Expect to work hard and get dirty--you'll be contributing to the success of the drive--but you'll be rewarded with the respect of your fellow riders and an education in all the values that make cowboys American icons.

Not many people can claim to have participated in an actual cattle drive, or to have ridden for miles on horseback, or to have slept under the stars in the open range. All of these experiences can be yours when you participate in a cowboy vacation. Start searching today, and you'll find the perfect cowboy adventure that can give you a role in the continuing story of the West.

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