Fall Color Ride

Written by Dallas Smith
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A fall color ride is one of the more rewarding experiences you can have on horseback. Matching a love of horseback riding with the stunning beauty of the changing leaves is the perfect combination for a breathtaking and highly satisfying immersion in the natural landscape. That these types of rides are often carried out at a more relaxed pace than typical trail rides only adds to the spirit of aesthetic contemplation.

Anywhere you can witness the spectacle of changing foliage is worth the trip, but to do so on horseback is to experience this natural process from a unique perspective--in essence, as part of that process. Riding through the multi-colored landscape, breathing in the crisp autumn air, observing the multitude of wildlife that are often most active around this time--these are the elements of a fall horseback ride that you just can't get any other way. Witness this testament of the changing seasons just one time this way, and you're sure to keep coming back to relive the experience again and again.

The Fall Color Ride--A Time for Relaxation

As the weather cools and you can almost begin to sense a change in the air, the perceptions tend to change ever so slightly, as well, seeming to invite a more relaxed, more contemplative frame of mind. A fall color ride is the perfect opportunity to give full expression to these perceptions as the scene around you enters into a striking and majestic transformation. That you are riding with close friends or family will only enhance your enjoyment, and allow you to share with each other your own unique meditations on the beauty around you.

You can arrange fall horseback rides through any number of outfits around the country. Simply choose a location, find an established ranch, and you're ready to go. Expect a leisurely ride through a colorful and dynamic landscape that you'll remember for a lifetime.

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