Horseback Rides

Written by Dallas Smith
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The qualities of great horseback rides can be narrowed down to a few essentials--beautiful scenery, excellent company, and experienced guides who can ensure a high caliber of horsemanship. These may not be the only qualities of a great ride, of course, but they form the cornerstone of what to look for in any provider. Focusing on these three areas in that regard can lead you directly to a provider who can offer the best riding experience that you could ask for.

Excellent Horseback Rides: Getting Specific

When talking about the scenery of great horseback rides, a majestic landscape is a necessity. Think regionally, and define locales where stunning scenery is a hallmark of the area. Then simply identify a specific destination and search for providers within that area who can provide the best exploration of that destination.

When it comes to the company of fellow riders, look for an opportunity to ride in a smaller group setting--doing so can enhance your ability to truly immerse yourself in your surroundings. Also, smaller groups allow for a deeper level of interaction between you and your fellow riders. The bonds you can establish in this setting can lead to friendships that last well-beyond the simple riding experience.

Finally, with regards to western horsemanship, some providers offer more training in the finer points of horseback riding than others. More extensive training will carry over to all of the riding experiences that follow, and will lead to a greater appreciation of the skill and art of excellent horsemanship. All told, paying careful attention to these three areas can virtually guarantee a horseback adventure that you'll be able to cherish long after the ride is over.

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