Learn To Drive Cattle

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you have been looking for a chance to learn to drive cattle, you have more options than you might be aware of. In fact, there are opportunities throughout many of the western states to participate in real-life cattle drives. All you need to do is to find a provider who can offer a genuine cattle-driving experience.

Learn to Drive Cattle Alongside Real-Life Cowboys and Cowgirls

When you want to learn to drive cattle, what better way to do so than with the help of modern-day cowboys and cowgirls? Today, many providers throughout the West offer the chance to work on an actual cattle drive, assisting the full-time cowboys and cowgirls who do it for a living. You can expect to get your hands dirty as you round up full herds and drive them to grazing lands, learning the ways of the cowboy lifestyle all the while.

All you need is a commitment to give your all to the drive and a love of horseback riding--the cowboys will take care of the rest, training you in the ins and outs of a successful cattle drive. What you'll learn will be the invaluable skills of horsemanship the cowboys will pass on to you, as well as an appreciation for the hard-work and honest living that characterize the cowboy way. You're sure to come away with a tremendous respect for this proud and storied way of life, and a willingness to apply the values you've learned in your own life.

As you search for a cattle drive vacation provider, keep in mind that the best experience of any drive will also be the most authentic. After all, as with any experience, the most rewarding are always those in which you engage in a full participation, both in body and in spirit. A cattle drive is no different, so reward yourself with a total experience of this living profession symbolizing all that is noble about the western way of life.

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