Old West Cattle Drive

Written by Dallas Smith
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Few events capture the essence of the Old West like the Old West cattle drive. The spectacle of cowboys driving thousands of cattle hundreds of miles from Texas to the open ranges of the northern plains must have been a truly impressive sight. The incredible scale of the operation alone is most likely the reason for the continuing fascination with this unique event that still stands as synonymous with the history of the West.

Experiencing the Legacy of the Old West Cattle Drive

Today, cowboys still ride the western plains, rounding up and driving cattle to market. Though the event doesn't take place on quite the same scale as it did in the days of the Old West cattle drive, many cowboys still make their living in this time-honored profession. At the same time, the experience of the cattle drive is no longer reserved only for hardened cowboys.

In fact, there are many opportunities today to take part in an actual cattle drive for ordinary people simply looking for an adventure in true "city slickers" fashion. The process is as simple as locating a company or ranch that provides these types of opportunities, so with a little research, you can soon be taking part in a real-life cattle drive! Just don't expect it to be easy--after all, any cowboy will tell you that the best experiences on the range come from hard work and a commitment to get the job done, so expect a challenge!

If you're ready to earn your spurs driving cattle with the best cowboys in the West, the opportunities abound. Be prepared to work hard to earn the respect of the cowboys, but what you receive in return will be all the thrills and excitement of taking part in a real adventure. With a full commitment to give your all to make the drive a success, it will truly be an experience like no other that you can remember and share for years to come.

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