Relive The Old West

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you want to relive the Old West, few experiences can capture the spirit and feeling of those times like a horseback riding vacation. To experience the West from horseback is to step back into that exciting and dynamic period of America's formative years, and is to experience the spectacular landscape with the awe and wonder that must have greeted the first settlers to the region. It's a sensation that is hard to come by simply passing through, but to traverse the landscape on horseback is to truly become a living part of it.

To relive the Old West, is, in part, to understand the tremendous struggle to forge a life of the individuals who lived there. Taking extensive horseback rides through the sometimes imposing country, passing abandoned gold mines, ghost towns, ages-old Native American campsites, and ramshackle rustler's cabins, is to learn in vivid detail the story of perseverance and sheer determination that was necessary to live in this demanding environment. Simply reading about or being told the story of the frontier is only part of that story--an exploration of the living remnants of this time from atop the saddle is a far truer education.

Add to the story the legacy of the cowboys and cattle drives that forged the western economy, and again, the link to horses and the essential role they served in that lifestyle is clear. A desire to relive those experiences, as well, is more than possible with any number of horseback riding vacations that you can find throughout the West. For any horse lover, or simply any individuals who desire their experience of the West to be a true adventure, a horseback riding vacation is the only option!

The Story of the Old West Lives On

The story of the Old West still lives on to this day, in the spirit of the people who still strive to create a life in this most striking and most challenging region. You can be a part of this experience through a horseback riding vacation, and experience the majesty, the beauty, and the history of this dynamic, ever-surprising landscape. A little research is all it takes for you to find yourself climbing into the saddle, and heading out into the open country for an adventure into this living part of America's history.

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