Vacation For Horse Lovers

Written by Dallas Smith
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For the perfect vacation for horse lovers, one exceptional option is to head out West, where the incredible landscape and experienced guides combine to create some of the best horseback riding around. Also, if you have never experienced western riding, a western riding vacation will be a great opportunity to learn the unique riding style that is practiced in the West. If you are more familiar with traditional English riding techniques, you'll be able to add the western style of natural horsemanship to your repertoire.

Another great feature of the western riding experience is the opportunity for extended rides through expansive country, in the company of friends or family members. With a trusted horse beneath you, you'll have the makings of an outstanding horseback riding vacation. Western rides, for their part, are built primarily around the relationship between horse and rider, and building on trust for the horse and an enhanced respect for his abilities--ideal for the experienced and amateur horse lover alike!

Pinpointing Features of the Ideal Vacation for Horse Lovers

For an ideal vacation for horse lovers, your primary focus should be on the experience and expertise of your guides. Exceptional familiarity with the surrounding environment is a key, as is extensive knowledge of the historical and cultural elements of the area. For western vacations, look for guides who can effectively train you in the natural horsemanship techniques that are essential to the western riding experience.

Taken together, these qualities should define the best provider who can offer you the most enjoyable riding vacation. Bring along your own boundless enthusiasm for the riding experience and your desire to continue to develop the understanding and trust of the horse you ride, and you're guaranteed to have a rewarding experience. Best of all, you'll be able to do so in the excellent company of your fellow riders, who will be enhancing their own love of riding just as you do.

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