Wild Mustang Horses

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you're looking for a chance to see wild mustang horses in action, you're in luck--there are a number of areas throughout the country where these majestic herds still roam free. In fact, you can find these herds in many of the western states, and even in small areas along the Atlantic coastline. Whatever your destination for viewing these beautiful animals, you can expect to be treated with a breathtaking experience that will give you a new level of appreciation for the amazing resiliency that these proud animals possess.

Wild Mustang Horses--A Quick Primer

The history of wild mustang horses in America goes back nearly 500 years! Their populations originated with the arrival of Spanish explorers in the early 1500s, and the story of their emergence is one of incredible adaptability. As these horses escaped from their Spanish, or later Native American owners, or even swam ashore from shipwrecked galleons (in the case of the Atlantic populations!), they formed herds and began to breed.

The Atlantic horses were confined in their range by human activity, but in the unsettled West, the horses soon began to range throughout the vast expanses of land that were available to them, and today's herds are the legacy of that impressive migration. To view these magnificent herds today is to witness a living and vital part of the history of the West, and indeed, these horses are synonymous with the evolution of the American frontier. Take these factors into account and you can understand why viewing these herds is such an awe-inspiring occurrence.

Today, enjoying the sight of these wild mustang herds is as simple as identifying one of an array of guided excursions into their range that are available, particularly in the West. The best of these trips offer extended horseback riding excursions into mustang territory that can give you a stunning firsthand experience of the herds in action. Take the time to identify an established provider, and you'll be able to experience the unforgettable sight of these magnificent horses for yourself.

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