Wild West Cowgirls

Written by Dallas Smith
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Though the story of Wild West cowgirls is perhaps not as well known as that of their male counterparts, it is, nevertheless, a proud one, complete with all the larger-than-life characters that you would expect from a tale of the Wild West. Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane are the two most legendary cowgirls, but working far apart from the fame and notoriety of these two have been countless western women who were instrumental in forging the western way of life. Today, there are many opportunities to step back into history to experience the lifestyle of the women of the Wild West.

Wild West Cowgirls: The Finer Aspects

Though the lives of Wild West cowgirls were often characterized by the harshness and ruggedness that accompanied the frontier lifestyle, today's cowgirl adventures spare you the hardships while still providing an authentic cowgirl experience. Extensive rides, sleeping under the stars, the companionship of your fellow riders--these are just a few of the characteristics that define the modern cowgirl adventures. Throw in a few modern niceties--the optional hot shower and great western-style food, and you've got the makings of an exciting adventure you'll remember for years to come.

With an all-female crew, you can leave the guys behind if you like, for some quality girl-time set against the expansive western landscape. It's a chance to get away from the stress and strain of daily life, and immerse yourself in an active horseback riding adventure allowing you to share in the legacy of the trail-blazing women who came before you. Consider that not everyone has the opportunity to step into the cowgirl way of life, so you'll have a truly unique experience under your belt.

Connecting with friends and family members of all ages is a great benefit of a true cowgirl adventure, and all that's required is a genuine love of horseback riding, or a strong desire to learn. Bring these qualities with you, and you're sure to have an outstanding riding adventure. Get ready to saddle up, hit the open range, and experience the West like a true cowgirl!

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