Wyoming Getaways

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you're looking for ideal Wyoming getaways, your options are as varied as the landscape and the people of the state. Wyoming, as a living embodiment of America's frontier history, has a landscape that symbolizes the most imaginative visions of the West, while its residents embody the persevering spirit of the frontier mentality. These two elements combine to make Wyoming a perfect destination for an exploration of the western way of life.

Wyoming Getaways: Of Cowboys and Cattle Drives

When you consider the qualities of essential Wyoming getaways, you can't go for long without speaking of the universal presence of the ranching lifestyle throughout the state, and all that it entails. Horsemanship, cowboys, cattle drives, all set within a backdrop of rolling plains and sweeping vistas--these are the elements that give shape to the lifestyle of the ranch. Understanding this aspect of Wyoming is to understand the state itself, and few getaways can capture this aspect like a horseback riding vacation.

In essence, to participate in a horseback riding vacation is to take part in exploring the state's many offerings as they were created, in a close interaction with horses and horsemanship. In other words, stepping into the saddle is virtually an expected activity in a state that has relied so heavily on this activity throughout its history. In this regard, taking part in horseback riding is simply part of the natural experience of the state and its rich history and culture.

Few activities can provide the opportunity to experience Wyoming authentically like a horseback riding vacation can. Opportunities for such vacations are widely available throughout the state, and can offer a truly enriching and educational experience like few other activities that you'll find. All it takes is one horseback riding trip, and you'll be convinced that its the only way to experience everything Wyoming has to offer.

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