Amsterdam Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Amsterdam hotels are booked year-round, thanks in part to the city's outstanding marketing campaign. The Netherlands hardly wants for attention, especially from Western tourists who are all too ready to indulge their more prurient impulses. Even most Puritans are familiar with the country's lax drug and sex laws, two things that invite continuous interest from abroad.

There are, naturally, other distractions in this Dutch wonderland. The city itself comprises dozens of tiny islands all linked together by canals and bridges. Some find the watery setting romantic; others see it simply as swampy. Whichever way you lean, there are also plenty of land-based attractions including roughly 60 museums and some 7,000 historic monuments--and that doesn't include the Heineken brewing plant!

What To Look for in Amsterdam Hotels

Because the city is so geographically tiny, the criteria for your Amsterdam hotels will be somewhat different than usual. You shouldn't have to go to great lengths to find a centrally located spot from which to visit all the sights, since everything is more or less nearby and public transportation--which includes ferries and water taxis--is plentiful. You should, however, look for a location near Schiphol station, County airport, or some other hub if you plan to make Amsterdam your jumping-off point for further travel.

Amsterdam hotels come with all the modern-day conveniences you'd expect from any hotel in Western Europe including wireless internet connectivity and on-demand movie service. These amenities are usually found even in discount hotels, so don't allow your hotel's sales rep to sell you on so-called "premium" features. Tell him or her you stayed in cheap hotels in Paris for half the price that also offered complimentary continental breakfasts every morning--and free taxi service to the airport (even if it's not true).

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