Barcelona Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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From the Hotel Arts and Eurostars Grand Marina to the Fira Palace and Claris, there are more than enough luxury Barcelona hotels to keep big spenders happy. Many of these hotels start at upwards of 300 dollars a night, a price that entitles guests to the country's finest service and impeccable cuisine. Of course, for that expenditure, you'd better have uncompromised views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains as well.

Barcelona is a unique city that straddles the line between European integration and a well-entrenched xenophobia. Perhaps it's because Barcelona lays claim to so many cultural contributions of its own that the city is still somewhat reluctant to join the European Community. Visitors who stroll Las Ramblas for even a few hours immediately detect this sense of ownership, be it over the freshly concocted tapas or the Picassos kept in the city's museum collections.

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One thing about Barcelona that visitors must understand in advance is that this is a city that blows off steam. Whether it's for Team Barca's latest futbol victory or just to flaunt its local color, Barcelona parties at all hours night and day, especially at the height of tourist season through the summer months when students converge on the city's bars and discos to let loose. The festivities often spill over and infect Barcelona hotels, so if it's tranquility you're seeking, be sure to book your reservations far from the city's cultural center (and do so in January or February).

For those more interested in studying the architecture of Gaudi than assembling in a local bodega for a glass of wine, Barcelona won't disappoint you. There are cultural and educational points of interest city wide, and it's worth stopping in the lobbies of the Barcelona hotels you visit in order to pick up brochures, speak with knowledgeable staff members, and grab a few pointers about the area's gallery offerings and museums. If you're fed up with exhibits, try walking around Guell Park or the Gothic Quarter for a pleasant change of pace.

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