Boston Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Boston hotels are located all throughout the city in convenient reach of places like Fenway Park, the New England Aquarium, and the U.S.S. Constitution. Indeed, Boston is rife with historical and cultural sites, many of which date all the way back to the Revolutionary War. In a lot of ways, the city has managed to preserve that fiery spirit of rebellion in the attitude of its natives, many of whom proudly wear their lineages on their sleeves and retain an old-world identity.

Boston hotels, like just about everything else in the city, can be expensive. There is no shortage of luxury accommodations in and around the Freedom Trail, which takes visitors on a guided tour of more than 15 of Boston's most heralded landmarks, from Paul Revere's house to the Bunker Hill monument. Stay high atop the city and take in striking views of the water, Boston Common, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace among other icons.

Discount Boston Hotels

Since you'll likely be paying for public transportation, gorging on fresh seafood, and paying admittance to the wealth of museums and educational centers throughout the city, it's a good thing there are budget Boston hotels to let you defray some of the costs. There are familiar chains such as the Comfort Inn of Boston and the Best Western Roundhouse Suites that start as low as 100 dollars a night. For that rate, you receive clean and cozy rooms, complimentary continental breakfast in the morning, and a mainline into Boston's city center or South End (depending on which hotel you choose).

Step up a notch to four-star suites like the Jurys Boston or Colonnade Hotel, both of which are just southwest of the urban center, and relax along Back Bay at your rooftop pool or browse any of Beantown's premier boutiques. Fine accommodations such as these start as low as 175 bucks a night and dip even lower during the winter when only the died-in-the-wool natives remain. Finally, if you're planning on enrolling in one of the city's umpteen colleges and universities, it's often easiest to book reservations right on campus where student and family discounts can help you shave a few more dollars of your tab.

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