Cheap Hotels In Paris

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Cheap hotels in Paris are easy to come by, if only because the demand for lodging in the city is so high. Whereas smaller cities might only offer one or two budget accommodations, Paris is stocked with on-the-cheap options for tourists who'd rather spend their Francs on Renoir prints and aged brie. Museums like the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay charge stiff admissions, even for students and seniors, so you may have to turn to your hotel when it comes to savings (or at least cut back on the escargot).

Paris can be a maddening city to navigate, especially for first-timers who are also linguistically challenged. It's easiest to think of the city as a giant conch shell with its heart in the middle, around Place Vendome. The shell then spirals out clockwise through several full rotations in a series of sections called arrondissements. The 20th and final arrondissement is by the Porte de Bagnolet on the far east side of the city. The good news is, there are cheap hotels in Paris throughout every neighborhood.

Finding Cheap Hotels in Paris

At the height of the season, which lasts anywhere from April to September, those in search of cheap hotels in Paris must compete with scads of tourists and study-abroad students. The city, for obvious reasons, draws a plethora of artists, romantics, scholars, and, of course, lovers. It's safe to speculate that tourism is as big a business as (if not bigger than) wine, cheese, or chocolate. All of this makes competing for discount hotels in Paris much tougher in the summer months, though good rates are still available.

One of the things to consider when shopping for discount hotels is the nature of your visit as well as the threshold for your comfort. Backpackers tend to demand far less from Paris than do honeymooners, who generally won't stay in youth hostels or pensiones. You'll always pay for the privilege of seeing Paris in style, but that doesn't mean you need canopied four-posters with drapes, hand-crafted French windows, and a fresh petit dejeuner at your door each morning when you wake.

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