Cheap Hotels In Rome

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Cheap hotels in Rome are fantastic for budget travelers who want to experience the feel of antiquity at prices dating back to antiquity. Like most big cities across the globe, Rome is far from cheap. As one of the world's premier destinations for lovers of art, architecture, food, music, and history, Rome offers up an endless itinerary of things to do, most of which cost money. Take your family along, and that sum is multiplied by three, four, or five.

Sure, you can always pack a lunch, hop aboard a bus, and head out to Tivoli for the day and view Estruscan baths, or you could simply sit at the Spanish Steps or stroll through Piazza Navona--none of these activities will cost you a single, Euro. If, however, you care to see the Vatican Museum, including the Sistine Chapel, the Galleria Borghese, or any other indoor attraction, it's going to cost you. After five or six days of vigorous museum-hopping, you'll be glad you saved money by choosing cheap hotels in Rome.

The Importance of Rome

It hardly bears mentioning that some 2,000 years ago Rome was the seat of history's most dominant empire. For over 1,000 years (though this figure varies depending on whom you ask), Rome was not only the center of Italy, but of all of Europe, its power embodied by a line of emperors from Augustus to Romulus Augustulus. Much like today, Rome then was a dynamic, progressive culture that drew a mix of peoples from all over the world to partake of its opulence and live in the shadows of its glorious temples and palaces.

Today, Rome straddles two worlds, one of antiquity and one of modernity. Its contradictions and anomalies are part of its appeal, as Romans dart around on Vespas and chat into cell phones while motoring by the Pantheon and the Colosseum. Vendors stand outside the Vatican and San Pietro hawking t-shirts and bottled water, while gelaterias furnish their visitors with internet kiosks right in the store.

Choices of Cheap Hotels in Rome

The good news for lovebirds, families, students, and lone travelers alike is that there is no shortage of cheap hotels in Rome. Even in some of the most affluent neighborhoods throughout the city, one- and two-star pensiones may be found for the equivalent of 30 or 40 dollars a night. Those willing to spend even less to "rough it" can choose from a myriad of hostels that feature hot showers and a convivial atmosphere, if less-extravagant amenities.

Right in the heart of the city, hotels such as the Villa Delle Rose and the Aquarium Hotel offer rooms at well under 100 dollars per night. In Parioli, one of the most picturesque parts of Rome, the Hermitage Hotel boasts rooms starting as low as 80 dollars a night. Of course, you can always step up a notch and, for a few bucks more, try the Ambasciatori Palace or Condotti Hotel, both of which rate highly for comfort at bargain prices.

Finding Cheap Hotels in Rome

In the past, vacationers seeking cheap hotels in Rome were forced to work through travel agents who knew the city and could provide all the right information on price, location, and service. Today, it's just as easy to log on, conduct your very own web search, and come up with the same data without paying a dollar more. That way, you're not forced to stay at cheap hotels in Rome that have "affiliate" deals or partnerships with the travel agency in question.

For most travelers, location (along with price) is the deciding factor when it comes to booking accommodations. With Rome, however, much like Paris, New York, London, and other major international and culturally dense hubs, there's no such thing as being away from the action. Whether you're in the heart of Campo di Fiori, Vatican City, Pinciano, or anywhere else, there are cheap hotels in Rome that are within reach of the city's most popular historical landmarks.

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