Cheap Reno Hotels

Written by Liza Hartung
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Even the most lavish of hotels in Reno, Nevada can be considered cheap if you know where to look and when to go. If you are looking to vacation there over the weekend in the middle of the summer, you will likely find rates that rival your mortgage payment. However, if you can get away during the weekdays in January, March or late October, you'll probably find rates that you can afford.

If you are on a tight budget, you can always go for a chain hotel or a motel. Like most cities across America, Reno has Best Western hotels, Embassy Suites and more of the names you would recognize. However, if you really want to treat yourself by staying in a resort or a casino hotel, but still save money, you might want to consider a package deal. If you peruse the Internet for a while, you are likely to find them with even the best rooms in the best resorts.

Fun Places to Stay in Reno

As you research Reno, Nevada lodgings, you will quickly discover that there are dozens of wonderful places to stay. Consider Atlantas. It's a casino hotel that's only minutes away from the dazzling Lake Tahoe. When you've had enough of neon lights, you can picnic by the lake. Atlantas also has magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains when you hit the upper floors.

If you would have preferred to in be the Caribbean, consider staying in the Royal Dolphin Tower of Atlantas. It was designed and built to give the true feeling that you were staying in a Caribbean resort. You'll find mahogany furniture, soft carpet and your choice of granite or marble countertops. It's fabulous.

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