Dublin Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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More than ever before, Dublin hotels are jammed with business people, "techies," and entrepreneurs from all over the world. As the so-called "Silicon Valley" of Ireland (or even all of Europe), Dublin both attracts and produces technology, jobs, and the minds behind them. It's for this reason that Dublin has almost single-handedly buoyed the Irish economy for the past decade.

It's not just transistors and chips that lure so many foreigners, of course. Dublin is also the native home to Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and a litany of other playwrights, artists, and wits. It's therefore not surprising that the town soaks in so many romantics, comparative lit majors, poets, and historians. All of this might sound surprising to anyone who visited Dublin once (and only once) more than a generation ago, for the city has significantly upgraded its image in that time.

Staying in Dublin Hotels

With the Plaza located in Tallaght, Red Cow Morans in the "Red Row" complex, and the Fitzpatricks Castle just beyond Killiney Bay, there are four-star accommodations to go around in Dublin. Fortunately, there are also budget hotels for statesiders and other tourists more interested in visiting the Temple Bar and Dublin Castle than splurging for in-room services and saunas. Dublin makes its charms universally accessible to rich and poor, provided tourists have the good sense to know what to see and during which part of the year to go.

If, however, it is first-rate digs that will make your vacation complete, check out Dublin hotels such as Merrion and Jurys Towers, which are located in central Dublin and Ballsbridge respectively. Hotels like these spare no expense in their interior appointment and service, so be prepared for a dose of sticker shock come checkout. You can, of course, find Dublin hotels with marginally less luxury for a fraction of the price if you're willing to expend the effort.

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