Hotels In Beijing

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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From Dongcheng (the city center) to the Xicheng and Haidan regions to the north and west, Chaoyang (east) and the southern portions of the city, hotels in Beijing abound. There are enough five-star powerhouses to make the Gucci set feel safe on their maiden voyages to China, but this is a lot less interesting than seeing Beijing on a nickel or dime. Visitors will find perfectly acceptable accommodations throughout the city for under 10 or 15 dollars a night.

Beijing is a crowded, hot, fast, and chaotic city that demands concentration and imagination in equal measure. There are politically significant landmarks (Tienanman Square), historically important sites (The Forbidden City), and recreational points of interest (Beihai Park--once home to Kubla Khan) all bundled into one. The seasoned traveler need only drop his or her bags at the hotel, then set off for a wholly unique adventure.

What To Expect from Hotels in Beijing

Lest you think you're being shipped out to the provinces, Beijing is a completely modern city that's home to big business, tourism, skyscrapers, and every imaginable form of entertainment around. Rest assured, then, that hotels in Beijing are not only wired for Internet, they're primed for wireless use, handhelds, and all your other heady technology. Staying in the heart of downtown Beijing is akin to nabbing a hotel room in downtown Manhattan, Buenos Aires, Sydney, or any other international hot spot you could think of.

It's not surprising then that hotels in Beijing can cost a pretty penny, even if China is, by Western standards, a poor nation. That poverty is barely apparent in Beijing and certainly verboten in any of its top-flight hotels, from the Peninsula to the St. Regis Beijing. The city has hosted just about every important foreign diplomat, head of state, and culturally curious celebrity around, so it's more than equipped to deal with the likes of you.

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