Hotels In Buenos Aires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With the Loisuites Recoleta, Caesar Park Buenos Aires, and Alvear Palace Hotel (among many others), hotels in Buenos Aires can be a royal affair. Each of these five-star destinations is within a mile of the center of town in a city that is not only considered the heart of Argentina, but to some, the heart of all of South America. Just what did Buenos Aires do to earn such a lofty distinction?

For one thing, Buenos Aires is the financial, political, and cultural center of the country. Like many international cities throughout the world, Buenos Aires enjoys colonial roots in old Europe and hosts a myriad of influences including those of Spain, France, and Hungary. Each of these countries today has a viable population within Buenos Aires' 13 million residents who, collectively, represent more than a third of Argentina's total population.

What To Expect from Hotels in Buenos Aires

With such pervasive colonialism lurking at every turn, it's no wonder the hotel industry in Buenos Aires is booming. Visitors come each year from European cities to sample from Argentina's variegated culture and even visit their South American relatives. Even though Latin cultures tend to pride themselves on their family hospitality, that doesn't change the fact that many vacationers need hotels in Buenos Aires, a demand the city is only too happy to meet.

In addition to the five-star resort hotels mentioned above, there are more modest but equally impressive choices throughout the metropolitan center. Less expensive fall-backs, should your five-star first choice find itself booked up) include the Viamonte Suites Appart Hotel and Loisuites Esmeralda, both of which begin at less than 50 dollars (American) per night. At rates that low, you can imagine what discount hotels in Buenos Aires may have in store and may not wish to find out first hand.

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