Hotels In Copenhagen

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in Copenhagen primarily get the travelers who have done Paris and Rome to death and find no new inspiration in Catholic churches, nativity scene frescoes, and flying buttresses. The other primary group drawn to Copenhagen is Scandinavian Studies majors, who are a distinguished if declining lot on most college campuses. This can be a double-edged sword, for while it's sad that so many world travelers have missed out on Denmark's cultural riches, it gives devotees of Nordic history a bit more breathing room during their visits.

Hotels in Copenhagen do not, as a general rule, come cheap. For those flying west from Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and other parts of the Orient and Southeast Asia, Denmark can be a rude awakening. Instead of stretching your travel dollar to include room, board, entertainment, and incidentals all at once, visitors to Copenhagen often find themselves paying for things they never before thought to pay for. Even admission to Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen's premier amusement park, is enough to absolve Disney World entrants of their guilt for shelling out 50 smackers to meet Goofy.

Choices of Hotels in Copenhagen

Those who long to be close to the city center in Copenhagen are advised to search for hotels on the Radhuspladsen. Here, you're within striking distance of Tivoli, the Metro Station, Christianborg Castle, and a wealth of popular museums. There are also innumerable options for retail hounds and bargain shoppers alike throughout the Square, as well as a smattering of cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, and novelty stores.

Many of the hotels in Copenhagen not only give you easy access to the National Museum, Amalienborg Castle, and other hot spots, but ocean views as well. Scope out Sweden from your lookout above the city, or choose an Executive Level floor and cash in on "extras" such as complimentary breakfasts and wireless internet hookups. No matter what, you'll find that almost without exception, the staffs at hotels in Copenhagen are eager to help you enjoy your stay, whether it's for business, pleasure, or a bit of both.

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