Hotels In Dubai

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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More and more Westerners are conducting online searches for hotels in Dubai. As they run out of patience for the long lines and commercialization of European hot spots, these tourists turn to places like the United Arab Emirates for a needed respite. It's perhaps ironic that Dubai has become a major hub for shopping, horse-racing, lotteries, and fancy dining, all of which continue to invite more curiosity from the West.

Hotels in Dubai are some of the grandest indulgences of architectural whim you're likely to find. They're built all the way up to the coastline, in towering skyscrapers, and all throughout the heart of Bur Dubai City. Over a million residents live in Dubai, a number that swells throughout the winter months as tourists make their way east to uncover the treasures of Baniyas Road in Deira, the northern district that sits opposite Bur Dubai across Dubai Creek.

Booking Hotels in Dubai

Now that the jewel of the UAE has been "discovered" by mettlesome tourists, hotels in Dubai are witnessing a spike in reservations across the board. In the summer months, numbers drop as the temperatures rise. During Ramadan, attendance throughout the city drops precipitously in this Muslim nation. Those with the constitution not to eat or drink during daylight hours will find that the holy month is the ideal time to book reservations at hotels in Dubai.

In spite of its surge in popularity, Dubai remains off limits to some Westerners who fear traveling to any Muslim nation, regardless of its history as a safe and law-abiding country. The decrease doesn't seem to have hampered Dubai too much though, as its souqs remain packed and the waters well-populated with outdoors mavens. Book your Dubai hotel online and you can often find travel packages that include airfare and entertainment costs as well as guided tours around the city's mosques and other significant monuments.

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