Hotels In Frankfurt

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in Frankfurt tend to favor the business traveler, for it is commerce and finance that are the defining industries of this German metropolis. Frankfurt often unfairly receives a bad rap as a dull or one-dimensional city, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, international banking does have a home in Frankfurt--the European Central Bank is located there--but enough diversions exist to warrant the daily influx of some 300,000 commuters, rounding the city out to nearly one million strong.

Part of the reason Frankfurt is the object of scorn and derision by many Europeans is that so few of its cultural icons remain. Museums, opera houses, restaurants, and arenas were all obliterated during World War II, requiring a massive restoration effort that has been largely successful. As a result, many tourists who'd ordinarily only stop in Berlin or Munich now expand their itineraries to make room for Frankfurt as well.

Choosing Hotels in Frankfurt

For under 100 dollars (American), several hotels in Frankfurt provide four-star service and accommodations. The National Hotel just southeast of the city's center features vaulted ceilings, fine international cuisine, and a central location just opposite the main train station. The Marriott Frankfurt, on the other hand, is located directly in the heart of the city and is in close proximity to the Exhibition Centre-Messe and the concert hall. Deluxe rooms are available at each, as are twin-bed and queen and king accommodations.

Thanks to internet-based travel companies, many of these luxury hotels in Frankfurt may be booked at deeply discounted prices. Rooms at the Hilton Frankfurt or Victoria Hotel that usually run upwards of 200 dollars a night may be found in advance for just over 100 dollars. When you consider that the city is temperate year round (though often rainy through the winter months) and boasts more multicultural options than its critics give it credit for, Frankfurt shapes up as an under-rated vacation destination.

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