Hotels In Las Vegas

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in Las Vegas are somewhat different from hotels in other cities. Whereas hotels in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles are designed to put you close to the action, hotels in Las Vegas are the action. The reason is quite simple: most hotels own and run their own casinos, which is the primary draw for most vacationers who choose the desert over the tropics for their one-week getaway.

Hotels in Las Vegas are often said to have their own personalities. One might find a flock of frat boys and other spring-breakers gathering around the pool at The Hard Rock, which many younger guests deem the life of the party. Sports gamblers often find themselves kicking back before the giant screens at Mandalay Bay, where a nonstop blitz of pro sports action keeps the book busy. Guests at the Venetian or MGM Grand may have a few more bucks to lose than their counterparts at the Tropicana or Binion's. So who says casinos can't have personalities?

The Economics of Hotels in Las Vegas

There's another unique attribute of hotels in Las Vegas that doesn't apply to lodgings in any other city. Since gambling and other vices are legal, the proprietors behind strip clubs, casinos, and bars know that most visitors will spend, provided they have the discretionary cash to do it. That means that hotels are often the least marked-up good in town. After all, if you're dropping two large a night at the craps table, do these entrepreneurs mind if you get their 200-dollar-a-night room for 100 bucks?

As an outgrowth of this philosophy, the idea of the "comp" has taken hold in hotels in Las Vegas. Should pit bosses or dealers notice your hefty wagers--regardless of your won-loss record--they're likely to grant you a complimentary room for the night. The more you spend at the tables, the more you stand to save on your Vegas hotels. Just remember that a 1,000-dollar loss at the Blackjack table vis-a-vis a free 100-dollar room isn't a good value proposition, no matter how much enjoyment you get from your mini-bar and cable stations.

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