Hotels In London

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in London are crowded with travelers from every reach of the globe. All year round, students of British history, followers of the Royal Family, military buffs, artists, poets, chefs, scholars, and athletes all inundate old Britannia to uncover even more of its hidden charms. From Buckingham Palace to Parliament, Dickens's house to Piccadilly Circus, there are endless points of interest for just about any visitor.

London has undergone a bit of a renaissance in recent years. Even if the urban center has always been more or less a cosmopolitan one, foreign-born citizens, students, and expats have brought a medley of musical, culinary, sartorial, and other influences that has fashioned the once-royal city into an impressive melting pot. Only in London can one chow on bangers and mash one moment, tour astounding cathedrals and castles the next, then head off to an underground club to groove to the latest trance and house DJs.

Staying in Hotels in London

Because the city's attractions are so uniformly spread, there are few hotels in London that give guests a decided geographical advantage over others. Whether you're in Kensington, Victoria Westminster, Knightsbridge, or any other popular haunt, you've got a wealth of hotels from which to choose. After all, government, finance, fashion, and music may exert an undeniable influence across the town, but tourism is arguably the most lucrative industry of all.

From the Dorchester and Thornbury Castle to the Lygon Arms and Sharrow Bay Country House, there's an overwhelming number of luxury hotels in London. More moderately priced alternatives abound as well, including the Fielding Hotel, Ravenwood Hall, Apsley House, and Howfield Manor, all more or less within earshot of London's bump and bustle. Budget travelers will also find an assortment of hostels, boarding houses, and guest accommodations intended for travelers on the cheap.

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