Hotels In Los Angeles

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in Los Angeles place visitors right in the midst of the entertainment industry, be it in Los Angeles per se or any of the abutting areas that are tinged with tinsel. In addition to hotels in Hollywood, there are options in places like Burbank, which is conveniently located near NBC Studios, Warner Brothers, and Disney, as well as Anaheim, which is home to the Angels and Disney Land. You can also opt to stay by the beach in cities like Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, or Venice, each of which has its own unique set of attractions and culture.

There are hotels in Los Angeles that put you right by the famous Rodeo Drive, capital of luxurious shopping. The Loews Beverly Hills and Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive are both a hop, skip, and a jump from this first-rate retail bonanza as well as other sights and attractions. Le Meridien and the Hotel Sofitel are right on the border of Beverly Hills, giving guests easy access to both the west side of town and more centrally located activities in and about Hollywood.

Pricing Out Hotels in Los Angeles

The cost of deluxe hotels in Los Angeles is high, largely because the hospitality industry caters not only to tourists but to stars as well. Hotel owners and managers know they can upsell their guests by cashing in on the area's prestige. After all, many non-Angelenos are willing to pay 50 to 100 bucks extra each night for the chance to go star-gazing right in their own lobby.

For budget travelers, there are also hotels in Los Angeles that offer perfectly reasonable rooms with comfort and even a few luxury flourishes all for a song. Since Los Angeles is so spread out, there's no risk of finding yourself on the outskirts of town or even in the boonies. From the West Valley to Pasadena, Anaheim to Santa Monica, you're always close to some of the premier restaurants, shops, and museums in the world.

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