Hotels In Madrid

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hotels in Madrid have boomed in the past decade or two as Spain's capital city has undergone an undeniable renaissance. While neighboring Barcelona has never wanted for tourists, Madrid has experienced spells of sleepiness and fervor. At one instant it's a city content to hold second-tier status below European counterparts Rome, London, and even its own Sevilla. On the other hand, restaurants, clubs, bars, and hotels in Madrid can pump with life at all hours.

Before you book your reservations for hotels in Madrid, understand that while there are plenty of cultural happenings in the city, the area cannot compete with the aforementioned art capitals of Europe. The Prado is impressive enough, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum houses Goyas and Picassos, but for art and art alone, you're better served by a flight to Florence or Paris. At the same time, neither of those cities is expanding and advancing with the same rapidity as Madrid.

What To Expect from Hotels in Madrid

Wherever you journey throughout the Castile region, including Madrid, classical Spanish hospitality awaits. While certain regions of France, Germany, and even Italy are rumored to be more aloof and withdrawn, at least in regard to their service industries, Spanish culture seems almost impervious to these criticisms. Even throughout hotels in the Catalonian and Andalusian regions you'll find inviting guest lodges and restaurants at every turn. Of course, this isn't to imply that folks in these areas lack the notoriously hot blood used so often to characterize Spaniards in books, TV shows, and movies.

Another perk of staying at hotels in Madrid is that you'll have an excellent base for trips out into the surrounding towns. El Escorial and Toledo are both close, and are accessible by bus lines, trains, and rental cars. Your hotel concierge or receptionist can help direct you toward many of these lesser-known attractions while the rest of the world is cramming the Queen Sofia Arts Center.

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