Hotels In Manhattan

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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From the Waldorf Astoria to the Grand Hyatt on Park Avenue, there are dozens of venerated hotels in Manhattan. Some of these cash in solely on name recognition to lure in thousands of travelers while others do provide the royal treatment expected of a five-star hotel. There are a multitude of ways to see what many people consider the capital of the United States, at least when it comes to fashion, food, and finance, but if you've got the money to spend, there are few enticements more luxurious than top-flight New York hotels.

All throughout Manhattan, names like Le Parker Meridien, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Intercontinental, and Omni Berkshire dot the landscape. These are some of the most well-regarded hotels on the island and play host to visiting dignitaries and heads of state, A-list actors, and star athletes. Even well-to-do business people who live in New York often opt to stay in some of these landmark hotels in Manhattan.

Scaled-Down Hotels in Manhattan

Obviously, not everyone is interested in the coddling and pampering that's characteristic of these establishments. There are some 40 million visitors who come to New York City every year, and only a small fraction can afford to plunk down three, four, or five hundred dollars a night for such accommodations. The rest choose moderate to modest hotels in Manhattan, many of which still provide excellent service and amenities.

The Roosevelt, Midtown Hotel, Holiday Inn Wall Street, and Mayflower Hotel are just a smattering of the fine guest accommodations available at a reduced cost. For those looking to stretch their dollar even more, dozens of budget hotels are scattered across the island from lower Manhattan up through Harlem, and from the Eastside to Westside Highways. Even if the "deprivation chic" attitude of New Yorkers is par for the course in cabs, restaurants, and cafes, you can still find dutiful service and respect at most of these Manhattan hotels.

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