Hotels In New York City

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Whether you're in town for a Knicks game, a Broadway show, a business meeting, or just a family vacation, there are hotels in New York City that are in the part of town and the price range you're looking for. Visitors are just as likely to find quaint B&Bs and travel inns as they are sweeping, glorious skyscraper hotels with classical architecture and stunning service. That's exactly the beauty of New York City--it defies all easy categorization.

From north to south and east to west, hotels in New York City sit along the water, above retail spaces, in courtyard environments, and stand-alone towers in the middle of the action. Those looking for absolute quietude and isolation from hotels in New York City will likely shell out a pretty penny for an atmospherically high room that's reinforced, insulated, and cordoned off--insofar as that's possible--from the sundry distractions of the world's most dynamic city. In short, those seeking refuge from the grind are better served taking vacations upstate in the Catskills.

The Range of Hotels in New York City

The scope and breadth of hotels in New York City is astounding, and in large part it has to be. Manhattan is expected to draw close to 40 million guests in the coming year alone, and not just from the four corners of the country. Diplomats, traders, politicians, athletes, rock stars, and fashion designers flock in equal number to the regular Joes who are simply curious to see the crown jewel of the East Coast. For many, a trip to Manhattan feels like a trip home, even if they've never before laid eyes upon the magnificent landscape.

The upshot of this is that one-star pensiones, youth hostels, and boarding houses stand side by side with stone-and-marble shrines to architectural achievement. For every Righa Royal and Drake Swissotel there's a 99-dollar-a-night traveler's hotel with flickering cable and spotty hot water. Clearly, then, it's well worth researching your hotels in New York City before your arrival, as the difference between these high-class and low-rent accommodations is night and day--even for hotels situated side by side on the same street.

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