Hotels In Venice

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Those who easily become seasick take caution: hotels in Venice are sinking at a rate of over two inches per decade. In actuality, the entire city is sinking at that rate, causing many to claim that this jewel of northeast Italy is in major peril. Not only are the structures themselves in danger, these authorities caution, but so too are the artistic riches that hang in these glorious halls.

If that's not enough to deter you, hop aboard the bandwagon and join the several million other tourists who jaunt off to Venice in hope of capturing or rediscovering romance, both with a city and with the ones they love. Guests cannot help but be charmed by the floating town, really just a collection of island plots laced with canals much the way Amsterdam is. Tourists step out of their hotels in Venice and into gondolas that spirit them away up the Grand Canal to San Marco or San Michele.

Romantic Hotels in Venice

Contrary to the image some folks paint of Venice as an overrun, over-crowded den of tourists, there are moments in Venice that are decidedly romantic. Stay at La Scala Palace, the Carlton and Grand Canal Hotel, or San Marco Palace and peek out at the sunset on the water while sipping Merlot and playing Vivaldi in the background. There will be time later for dodging San Marco's pigeons, sampling Carnivale masks, and taking pictures before the cherished duomo.

Before you go off on your quest to recreate love scenes from Don't Look Now, keep in mind that Venice exacts a stiff price from its visitors. Largely to sustain its, er, sinking economy, the city has been known to mark up prices by up to 100 percent, even on everyday goods such as coffee and toiletries. As you can deduce, then, the cost of staying in luxury hotels in Venice can be staggering, even for travelers with deep pockets.

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