Hotels In Washington Dc

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For those who've never been to our nation's capital, hotels in Washington DC can be a real treat. There are rooms overlooking the famous Washington Mall, home to dozens and dozens of protests over the years, as well as rooms with views of Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, and even the White House. Of course, many of these rooms are located in high-rises far from these national landmarks, but the fact remains that such lookouts are available.

There's no need to belabor the reasons to visit Washington DC. From the Smithsonian and the National Archives to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, there are countless internationally recognizable icons. Even those who are more or less unfamiliar with the layout of Washington undoubtedly grew to know it through the news networks' coverage of the 9/11 attacks, which charted and recharted the terrorists' course and speculated as to their true agendas. It's tragic that it took such a horror for the streets and avenues of DC to become familiar to some viewers, be they youngsters who've never visited the capital or else foreigners who've never set foot on American soil.

The Skinny on Hotels in Washington DC

In light of the tragedy of that Tuesday morning, security measures around Washington have largely changed the overall tenor of the city the same way they've changed the mood in New York. Hotels in Washington DC, especially those located in tall buildings, naturally remain skittish, and security measures have been stepped up not just in government buildings and at landmarks, but at hotels and cultural landmarks as well. Fortunately, the terrorists were unable to quash the tourism market in Washington, as evidenced by the millions who continue to visit year after year to share a piece of the nation's history.

There are fabulous hotels in Washington DC, from the St. Regis (only two blocks from the White House) and the Hay Adams Hotel (with views of the White House) to the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown and the Park Hyatt Washington. For those looking to scale back on their spending, rooms at the Governor's House Hotel and Churchill Hotel, both just north of Washington DC, start at under 100 dollars a night. Often you can find family rates or extended vacation rates if you book in advance, bringing your contribution down to under 70 or 80 dollars a day in all.

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