Hotels In Zurich

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When choosing hotels in Zurich for your Swiss getaway, geography will play a deciding role in your ultimate call. The city is bisected by the Limmat River, which divides it into its eastern and western portions. The eastern half is marked by Grossmuunster Church, whose twin spires are a well-known landmark, while the western (or left) side is the financial and economic nerve center of the city.

While chocolate, luxury watches, and skiing are the hallmarks of Zurich (and Switzerland in general), it's shopping that attracts the greatest share of travelers, many of whom have no qualms about dropping a few thousand dollars in the high-end boutiques on Bahnhofstrasse. Here, at the Swiss equivalent of Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive, international travelers gather to stock up on fine jewelry, art, and accessories to lug home. Others prefer the retail offerings of Limmatquai instead, which plays second fiddle to Bahnhofstrasse but is a mercantile hub in its own right.

Affording Hotels in Zurich

Once you've stocked up on chocolate truffles and Rolex watches, can you even afford to stay in inexpensive hotels in Zurich? Like Brussels, Venice, London, and other premier European vacation spots, Zurich is far from cheap, which is one reason its popularity on the world stage is so limited. You won't find the same throngs of American tourists piling through the doors of hotels in Zurich, but more likely vacationing French, Germans, and Italians instead. Nevertheless, demand for luxury hotels in Zurich keeps prices aloft.

Stays at places such as the Hotel Schweizerhof Zuerich, Sofitel Zurich, and Hotel St. Gotthard can start as high as 300 dollars a night. Even more modest accommodations--there are plenty of two- and three-star lodges throughout the city center--range from 150 and 200 dollars a night to start. Winter months bring a surge of skiers to the Swiss Alps, at which point prices tend to inflate even more, so getting a jump on the tourist crush can save you big.

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