Luxury Hotels In Paris

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are luxury hotels in Paris throughout the entire city, from the Porte de Sevres in the southwest to the Porte de Villette in the northeast. Whether you're making a day of Versailles, checking out the staples (The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Bastille), or gadding through the Louvre, there are luxury hotels in Paris right near your destination. Look out from your hotel room at the Tuileries below, or take in the Seine from your fifth-story perch right along the Rive Gauche, where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Stein all made their homes as expats.

As with most things in life, experiencing Paris requires some kind of tradeoff, unless of course you're so ridiculously wealthy that you can purchase the hotel at which you're staying. Generally, though, tourists in Paris decide where their affections lie, be it in fresh baguettes, a delectable jambon, or at Pompidou Centre or Sacre Coeur. Very few people are content to dole out hundreds of dollars per night for a grand hotel if it means they can't afford to take in Paris through all the customary routes.

What To Look For in Luxury Hotels in Paris

Besides doting service and immaculate living spaces, you should ask for the regular suite of amenities you'd demand from hotels in New York City or Los Angeles. If rooms in the city's discount hotels have direct dial phone service, wake-up calls, taxi and shuttle information, continental breakfast, and concierge service, the demands you make of luxury hotels in Paris may be considerably stronger.

Many luxury hotels in Paris offer internet access through ethernet connections, in-room movie services, and hot tubs (not in-room). You can find mini-bars, fridges, safe boxes, and any number of other extras you'd get expect from expensive hotels around the city. While discount hotels are often situated on the outskirts of the city (thereby justifying the lower prices), your luxury hotels are often located in the city center from which public transportation is easily accessible, even if seeing Paris on foot is the only true way to go.

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