Sydney Hotels

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Sydney hotels receive more than their fair share of tourist traffic from the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia, especially in the winter, which is, of course, summer in Australia. For this reason, Sydney makes for an especially attractive getaway option during December and January when much of the northern hemisphere is blanketed in ice, rain, sleet, and snow. The flip side, however, is that these summer months in Sydney can witness temps in the low 100s--not exactly crisp weather.

The city always has been and continues to be a magnet for international travelers, precisely because it, itself, is such a cosmopolitan capital. The 2000 Sydney Olympics helped shine a light on the magnificent cultural options, from first-rate foreign cuisine to top-flight theater and opera, that await Sydneysiders. The 2000 Games also helped call attention to the city's excellent urban planning and convenience, aided by smart and accessible public transportation.

Information on Sydney Hotels

As is the case with hospitality in any major international hub, there are Sydney hotels that run the gamut of quality. All throughout Circular Quay, up and down Oxford, around Darling Harbor and other key hot spots are four- and five-star accommodations geared toward business travelers, outdoors enthusiasts, families, and couples on holiday. Several of these Sydney hotels, such as The W and the Observatory Hotel, start as high as 400 dollars a night (Australian), but there are more affordable options in these same central locales.

Budget accommodations are still within easy reach of the world-famous Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo, Kings Cross, and other top destinations. What's more, visitors often feel they're receiving more than their money's worth, thanks in part to the generous and festive Australian spirit characteristic not only of hospitality workers, but the city's residents as well. With more than a quarter of Australia's citizens holing up in Sydney, that comes out to quite a bit of spirit.

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